Olds Connected Community
Olds Connected Community

Olds Connected Community

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Olds Alberta is
a Connected Community

The Olds Connected Community Committee is committed to raising the “culture of use” in our community both for our general citizens and for business. One goal is to have every business in the Town of Olds to have a website and to having the businesses doing e-commerce via their web sites. We recognize that the future in retail and service business is going “virtual” and for our community of businesses to remain successful, we must embrace new technology and models.
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The availability of technology courses in the Town of Olds is abundant and varied giving businesses and residents numerous options. The Olds College and the Olds Municipal Library offer a variety of courses at various levels from beginner to expert.

The full report on the Olds Connected Committee and the FIbre To The Premise Planning is now available online.
Click here to download the report.
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