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Creating a Culture of Use:


Starting in 2007, the Olds Institute for Community and Regional Development has been involved in a “Community Engagement Site” program. The goals of the program are to bring videoconferencing and high speed computer connectivity to the communities involved and also to increase the knowledge about technology in general. The local committee for the “Community Engagement Site” has been presenting programs and learning opportunities both through the Olds and District Municipal Library and the Bell e-learning Center at the Olds College. These programs are available and targeted at every age group in the community are available live and via videoconferencing – depending on where the instructor is located.

The committee is committed to raising the “culture of use” in our community both for the general citizens but also for the businesses. One goal is to have every business in the Town of Olds to have a web site and to having the businesses doing e-commerce via their web sites. They recognize that the future in retail is going “virtual” and for our community of businesses to remain successful, we must move into the technology world.


Starting in October of 2010, the “community Engagement Site” will be housed in the new municipal library and will become part of the everyday operations of the library. This site will offer videoconference capabilities, virtual offices for small businesses to use on an appointment basis and ultra high speed internet connectivity for businesses and the citizens using the library.

These programs teach more businesses and individuals about what broadband can do to expand their horizons. They also expand the number of people who have access to computers and who know how to use them.

These community engagement sites have and are being created through a grant made available from the Rural Albert'a Development Fund. (a rural development initiative by the Alberta Government)

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